Stewie (Crochet Figure)

A crochet figure of the character Stewie from Family Guy.

Artist Statement

I explore my creative imagination through knitting and making things, I also give back to the world community as large by making toys, blankets, and other items such as clothing. The piece I’ve donated is a knitted cartoon character named Stewie. The cartoon is very popular among children and adults, including myself, and I hope that he could bring joy to someone else as he has brought to me. 

Artist Bio

John Conklin Jr. (Cowboy) is in his mid 60’s and was born and raised in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.He has 12 college credits from the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program and is a founding member of the Michigan Theory Group. John is a longtime member of National Lifers of America (NLA) and works with their Teddy Bear Project at MRF.