Mpatapow (Knot of Reconciliation and Peace)

a square with loops
Mpatapow (Knot of Reconciliation and Peace) by Dion “Bantu” Dawson

Artist Statement

On all fronts justice must be sought, including justice for
women from the patriarchal violences of chauvinism, sexism,
misogyny, and peripheral marginalizing. This “When God Wwas a
Woman” painting represents a drumming utterance of solidarity,
utilizing art as a space to plant the seeds assisting the
flowering and creation of liberated zones where Black women are
cherished, worshipped, and exalted as God (Goddesses) on Earth.
This “When God was a Woman” piece is in remembrance of the words
of the Afrikan Warrior Queen, Winnie Mandela, who said:

“there is no other species that understands
oppression as well as Black women do.”

–Dion “Bantu” Dawson

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