Maker of Trees

silhouette of trees with a sunset in the background
Maker of Trees by Tony “Big Tone” Tard

Artist Statement

Broken Justice

With the outstretched arm of a loving father
I reach back into the fire gathering victims
victims of a desensitized bottomless
unjust society lacking empathy
victims of a pernicious morally bankrupt’d culture
predicated by social dichotomy
and the fire burns

the fire burns as smoke fills the lungs of hopeless children
suffocating whatever life remains
chard bodies are dragged behind barbwired fences
then stock piled in concrete tombs and warehoused

so I reach back
with the opened arms of a caring parent
eyes opened
perception no longer distorted
and a heart willing to guide lost children
innocent children in a world where households are destroyed
by a malicious system
a system in need of restructure
justice in need of restoration

-Big Tone-

Artist Bio

Big Tone is a music producer/rapper, song writer and one of the founders of the IKF (Incarcerated King Family ). He is also a published writer and member of the Michigan Theory Group as well as Writer’s Block. A man with a heart bigger than his body.

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