a heart with smaller spirals
Force by Tyrone Alexander

Artist Statements

4 Queens and a Pawn

immortalized in pictures mere mortals
more than words, emotions or expressions
for several hours four queens sat
close enough for their reign to water my spirit
souls intertwine mine in need of sun as well
laughter rays shine brightly allowing growth
displaying hope highlighting love giving
selflessly what more could one ask for
unconditional love provides a cornucopia
of good

–Tyrone Alexander

The Start

Back to where we started

Starting to understand where we came from
Understanding the importance of who they are,
Important people who sacrificed so much,
People that came before us, cam before them
Before we were strong enough, they gave so much
Gave us a chance to live
Chance to give of ourselves
Selves that don’t exist without, but what does?
I am me, you are you, BUT…
Who are we responsible for?

–Tyrone Alexander

Artist Bio

My name is Tyrone, I am funny, thoughtful, and empathic. I enjoy thought provoking conversations and listening to people share their knowledge of life. Listening to music and singing full my days, along with social justice reading material. I am currently learning culinary skills working and tutoring at Aioli’s.

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