Colors Colors Colors

red, white and blue diagonal stripes with stars on the side
Colors Colors Colors by Tore Price

Artist Statement

I am Willing

In order to be a gifter or a giver you must first be a “willer”. A willer is someone who is willing to sacrifice time, money and/or energy to someone or something without the need for reciprocation.
I thought I was a willer. I’ve been willing to give people and organizations by donating my time, money, and energy. Can a willer be taking at the same time as giving? When I was taking from family, the community, and businesses, “was I a willer” Was I giving just to one day take? Was giving just a process of manipulation?
Through a moment of revelation I knew I needed to have some self care in order to have true transformation in my life. Today, through hard work and honest self evaluation, I am content and spirituality at peace. The humility that came through my transformation has made me realize that enough manipulation and bad acts is enough. I’m thankful for all the opportunities I provided others in the past, but today it’s different when I give back. Today it’s from the heart. I was willing to take a “leap of paint” and step out of my comfort zone. I painted a couple of pieces to help someone. This leap was fun! While I was painting I was nervous, but it felt fabolous to know that what I was doing was going to benefit someone in need. Although I didn’t begin this project to get something in return, but I was gifted with a new hobby.
I am grateful I’ve had this opportunity to give and look forward to giving back even more now that I believe I am truly “willer”. Because of my creative peers in the Theory Group and learning that giving can be more rewarding than taking, I’ll keep taking a “leap of paint”.

–Tore Price

Artist Bio

My name is Tore Price and I’m a proud father to a creative 11 years old son. I humbly introduce my first two paintings that were not an assignment in elementary school. As someone who performed a technical job in the Marine Corps, played college soccer, a sports fanatic (specifically U of M sports) and a self proclaimed non creative person these paintings were not easy. I am thankful for all those make believe skits (i.e. transformers) my son asked me to play which I believe stirred up some creativity.

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